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Country summer wedding ideas

Country summer wedding ideas

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"It's a shame, given this is a winter wedding, that the minister wouldn't let Paul and Linda have the pantomime theme wedding they originally wanted. Looking at Paul, I think ‘Puss in Boots’ would have been very appropriate."

Summer is the most popular season for weddings. Plenty of sunshine, warm air, long days and breezy, cool nights all beckon brides and grooms to share their vows outside. While there are plenty of outdoor options for weddings, such as at the beach or by the pool, a country wedding evokes a timeless elegance and sense of wonderment. There are plenty of good ideas that can help make your summer country wedding the hit of the season.

  1. Location and Setting

    • A farm or barn can make a perfect location for a country wedding. Check out the wedding pages in your local newspaper, surf the Internet or contact a wedding planner about renting farmhouses and barns, country meadows and lakeside country houses. If your wedding is during the day, consider the temperature and humidity. It's lovely being outside on a warm summer day, but not when it's sweltering hot. An evening wedding can be dreamy, with the sun setting behind the mountains or on the lake during the ceremony, and the stars coming out to light up the dance floor.

    Theme and Decor

    • Even with a casual wedding, it’-s a good idea to consider a color scheme and overall theme so that the decor and wedding party melds together nicely. Think of crisp white linen tablecloths with blue gingham checked toppers, centerpieces of mixed pastel spray roses and bluebells overflowing from a large mason jar, blue sundresses for the bridesmaids and blue ties for the groom and groomsmen. For a nighttime wedding, hang lanterns everywhere, use lots of votive candles and twinkle lights intertwined in trees.


    • Country weddings evoke images of light and billowy wedding dresses, linen suits, and sundresses for the bridesmaids. In the summer, you want to be comfortable and wear fabrics that breathe and allow for movement such as organdy and crepe. Heavy silks and layers of lace don't stand up too well in the heat, especially during the reception. If you do want to go with a heavier dress for your ceremony, consider changing into a shorter dress for the reception. For a real country touch, have the bridesmaids carry lace parasols down the aisle, and consider wearing a large, beautiful straw hat. The groom and groomsmen can forgo formal attire altogether and wear khaki pants and short-sleeved shirts.

    Food and Entertainment

    • Summertime is all about fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables. According to Health Eating Made Easy, summertime fruits are perfectly suited to serve in their simple and delicious state such as in a casual fruit salad or with a spoonful of cream. Offer crisp, cool salads, lobster, crab or salmon, cold cucumber or strawberry soup and mint juleps. A more casual affair is the perfect invitation to throw a traditional barbecue, complete with chicken or steak, potato salad and watermelon granitas for dessert. For entertainment, suggests hiring a bluegrass band, which is perfect for a relaxed outdoor locale, or have your DJ play music that’-s been popular throughout the summer over the decades, such as songs from the "-Grease"- movie soundtrack or classic summer oldies such as "-Up on the Roof"- and "-Under the Boardwalk."-


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