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Small scottish gifts for weddings

Small scottish gifts for weddings

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If you are going to be attending a Scottish wedding, or if the couple to be wed are of Scottish extraction of simply have a love for the country, consider a gift that ties into Scottish wedding traditions and symbolism. Many options are available, from tartan to jewelry and ornaments.

  1. Tartan

    • Tartan fabric is widely associated with Scotland, and each Scottish family has its own personal tartan. For a small gift that is very personal, present the bride and groom with a set of matching scarves that represent each family`s special tartans. You can also purchase a wide variety of other items, such as tablewares, in tartan patterns. Tartan place mats, coasters and table runners make great gifts that are small and inexpensive. A thick, woolly tartan blanket is another option that, while more expensive, will be treasured for years to come.

    Traditional Gifts

    • In Scotland, it is a tradition for the best man to give the happy couple a clock and the maid of honor to give them a tea set. While you may not be a member of the wedding party, you can play on these traditions with similar small gifts if you are close to the bride and groom. For instance, the best man could give a fancy alarm clock or a wall clock. The maid of honor could give a set of tea cups or Scottish teas to accompany the traditional tea set.


    • Another traditional Scottish wedding gift that is quite small is a brooch, called a Luckenbooth, which originated in the 19th century. According to the Scotland`s Music website, a Luckenbooth brooch is typically made of silver and engraved with an image of entwined hearts. Another idea for a wedding gift that is small but special is jewelry that symbolizes the bride or groom`s family clan. The options to consider include cuff links, belt buckles, pendants and kilt pins that display the name and crest of the family clan.


    • Scottish ornaments make for small but original wedding gifts. Choose from a variety of items, which are often crafted from ceramic- humorous options include the Loch Ness Monster, dogs or cats seated on tartan pillows or scenes of the sheep of the Scottish highlands. You can also consider hanging ornaments which represent the bride and groom`s family clans and crests, or even a ornamental ceramic plate displaying the new family`s clan crest. A quaich, which is a two-handed Scottish welcome cup, is small and traditional.


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