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Pool decorating ideas

Pool decorating ideas

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Decorating a swimming pool is a great way to improve your home's appeal. Your pool decking and surrounding architectural elements are not easy things to change, but there are ways to enhance what you have. Add furnishings, creative landscaping, small architectural additions, waterfalls or an adjoining spa to make your backyard more inviting.

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  1. Landscaping

    • A tall hedge adds privacy to your pool area.

      Plant palm trees if you are in a warmer climate to add tropical shade to your pool deck. If you have a pergola or arbor, plant Carolina jessamine, trumpet vine or grapes to create shade for a dining table or conversation grouping. Cultivate a tall privet hedge or a vine-covered trellis to enhance the privacy of your pool. Great vines to use are orange trumpet vine, purple passionflower vine or Boston ivy. Another way to add privacy and create a focal point is to plant a series of large planters filled with hibiscus or other tropical plants. Add to the natural feel of your pool by adding stone or faux stone edging.


    • Provide adjustable umbrellas to help your guests escape the heat.

      Think about how you will use the area around your pool and add furnishing to create groupings to accommodate your ideas. Set up separate conversational groupings in sun and shade so your guests will have a choice of places to sit and visit. Add a dining set made from anti-UV powder-coated frames with tear-proof polyester fabric. Add cushions for more comfort. Purchase teak furniture for lounging and conversational groupings as it is lightweight and easy to move around. Set up an umbrella or two that can be adjusted to provide shade for sun-sensitive visitors.

    Architectural Additions

    • A pergola provides shade for your guests.

      Architectural elements add a lot to your pool&rsquo-s design. Install a pergola with drawable fabric shades to allow adjustments for sun or shade. Built in benches and ledges invite your guests to sit,especially when they are placed under the water&rsquo-s surface. Have a contractor install a spa that adjoins your existing pool. This allows you to tap into the pump and plumbing that your pool uses to save money on new mechanical installation. An outdoor shower installed against the wall of your house allows you to use existing plumbing and gives your guests a place to rinse off before entering the pool or spa.

    Water Features

    • Add a wall-mounted cascade of water for drama.

      Install a wall-mounted cascading waterfall that spills into your pool for drama and provides white noise to mask the unwanted sound of nearby traffic. Add a spill or splash fountain to your pool&rsquo-s deck to lend a cool feeling to a nearby sitting area. Add a small pump with telescoping spray head to the shallow end of your pool for the splash of water when your pool is not in use.


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