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Zebra cake ideas

Zebra cake ideas

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Satisfy the sweet tooth of chocolate lovers and vanilla lovers alike with a striped zebra cake. Whether mixing the two flavors with two separate cake batters combined in stripes in a single pan or decorating a yellow cake with vanilla and chocolate flavored frosting, zebra cakes make an attractive centerpiece for a party or event.

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  1. Layers

    • Alternate spoonfuls of batter to create the zebra layers.

      Create the wavy black and white layers of a zebra cake by alternately spooning vanilla and chocolate cake batter into a greased cake pan. Place the first spoonful of batter into the center of the pan and allow it to spread. Add a spoonful of the second batter on top of the other flavor. Continue to alternate batters.


    • Ice a yellow cake with alternating stripes of chocolate and vanilla frosting. Create a pattern with the stripes or allow the stripes to vary in width and waviness.

    Pink Stripes

    • Welcome a baby girl and honor the mom with a pink zebra cake.

      Give an iced zebra cake a feminine streak by using pink icing instead of white. Cover the cake in zebra patterns by alternating wide, wavy stripes of pink icing with black. Bake a pink and black zebra cake for a baby shower for a girl or a bridesmaid's luncheon.


    • Extend the safari theme of a zebra cake by incorporating small plastic animals into the dessert presentation. Ice the cake with black and white stripes and add green blossoms of icing to represent bushes and trees. Plant the plastic zebras and other safari animals on the top of the cake.

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