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Redneck wedding shower ideas

Redneck wedding shower ideas

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"Today we have all gathered together to celebrate Paul’s success. We lads are greatly fond of Paul, and now that he is departing from our bachelor midst we must try to comfort ourselves with the thought that we are not losing a friend, but gaining a Linda. Looking at it like that, what a bargain we’ve got."

Redneck wedding showers are easy to pull off because nobody's worried about impressing anyone. Roll out the beer keg, put the hound dogs outside and get set to party. Don't forget to play some music suitable for the occasion, and don't be surprised if one of your guests decides to get hitched, too, because it looks like so much danged fun.

  1. Location

    • If possible, hold your redneck shower at an outdoor location, where the restrooms are portable and the cooking is done on a fireplace or grill. Ideal indoor locations include a cramped room at the local fire hall, somebody's basement or a mobile home in a trailer park. Whether you're celebrating outdoors or not, cool your beverages in a big washtub filled with ice, cover the tables with newspaper and include a flyswatter with each place setting.

    Food and Tableware

    • Good home cooking will make your redneck shower a success. Plan your menu around the four basic food groups: beer, hot dogs, deer jerky and more beer. Slice the hot dogs into one-inch pieces to make fancy appetizers, cook whole hot dogs as the main course and serve the deer jerky as a garnish. Arrange snack cakes on a three-tiered cake server, grouping them by flavor and color or mixing them all together. Set your tables with paper plates and napkins and plastic utensils. Don't waste money on drinking glasses- serve beer and soda in cans and bottles.


    • Nothing says redneck like camouflage, so include as much of it as you can in your decorating scheme. Create a special table for the bride-to-be and cover it with a camo tablecloth. Wrap your gifts in camouflage-print tissue paper or tuck it into gift bags. Make your own gift bags by decorating paper grocery bags. Write the couple's names on the bags with school glue, then sprinkle glitter over the glue. Wrap presents in toilet paper and newspaper. Hang shotguns on the walls and, if you can find one, add a deer head. Create wall decorations by gluing beer cans to styrofoam wreath bases. Make a bridal arch by punching holes in the bottoms of beer cans and stringing them on a rope, then nailing the rope to a door frame.

    Redneck Shower Games

    • Pass a roll of toilet paper among your shower guests and ask each one to tear off as much as she thinks she'll need. Then tell them that this really isn't a game and there's no toilet paper in the porta-potties or restrooms. Give each guest a piece of tablet paper and a pencil stub or crayon for the real games. Show them a glass jar filled with shotgun shells and ask them to guess the number of shells in the jar. Play "When Is The Bride's Baby Due?" Choose any date you like if the bride isn't pregnant. Make bingo cards that spell out "redneck" instead of "bingo." Play "Pin the Tail on the Huntin' Dog."


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