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How to word wedding ceremony programs

word wedding ceremony programs

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"'It was two days before the wedding and I finally sat down to write my toast. Low and ... Everyone at the wedding said it was the best toast they had ever heard.' ..."

A wedding ceremony program provides you with the opportunity to thank the people who funded your event, those in attendance, honor the participants in your wedding party, explain religious traditions and relay important information regarding your reception. Your program is a useful part of your wedding and will likely be the first thing your guests will see when they arrive at your ceremony venue. Learn the appropriate wording and order for your program before presenting them to your guests.


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      Begin with the introduction. This may be a phrase along the lines of "The Marriage Service of," "Welcome to Our Special Day," or "Uniting in Marriage." Follow with the bride and groom's names. Add the day of the week, date and time. Include the name of the ceremony venue if desired.

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      Type the order of the ceremony. List the prelude, processional, vows and prayers in the order they occur. Include information regarding the song title and artist, scripture book and number, and the names of poems read and authors. List when guests will be expected to rise and sit during religious services. Describe any ethnic traditions and the symbolism behind these traditions.

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      List the wedding party. Include the person's name, title, and relationship to the bride or groom. Some couples include short biographies about each person in the wedding party. List the couple's parents' names and grandparents in attendance. Include the names of the officiant, musician, organist, scripture readers and wedding singer.

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      Include a note of appreciation. Thank your parents for their assistance and attendance during the wedding planning process. Write a note to thank all the guests that attended and shared in your celebration. A simple note can be "Thank you for sharing this special day with us" or "Thank you to all our guests from near and far. We are sincerely grateful to share this day with you." A longer note may say, "Today we vow our commitment and love to one another in front of God and in front of all our special guests. We thank all of the individuals who helped us become the people we are today. We are truly grateful for the love and assistance all of you have given us throughout our lives. Thank you for being here today." You may also want to include a tribute to any deceased relatives that were there in spirit.

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      Include reception information if the reception is at another venue. Draw a map to the reception area or add it as an insert to the program.

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      Personalize the program. Add any other information that you would like to share with your guests. Include pictures of the couple, a poem that describes your love, information about your love story or how you met, or include your personalized vows in the program.

Tips &- Warnings

  • Ceremony templates are available online and provide an easy format for your programs. Print a test program to make sure that the information is printing in the correct area if you are making your own programs.

  • Be sure to keep the program to 3 to 4 pages to avoid overwhelming your guests with information.


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