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About wedding planning kits

About wedding planning kits

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Wedding planning kits are helpful for brides who are typically in charge of coordinating the wedding day. Whether you are using a wedding planner or not, you will need to stay organized. The kits provide you with a designated space to make lists and keep track of ideas. While many brides buy wedding planning kits at retail stores, you can also make them yourself.

  1. Time Frame

    • Wedding planning kits should provide a space for brides to make checklists. Checklists should start with 12 months and end with the day of the wedding. They provide reminders of the important choices that you need to make to stay on track. According to Wedding Garden article "Detailed Wedding Planning Checklist," early choices can influence every other choice a bride makes (see references 1). Construct a time frame of events by designating space for nine to 12 months, six to nine months, three to six months, one to three months, four weeks, two weeks, and the week of the wedding.


    • Brides can type up a budget on an Excel spreadsheet and include a copy in their wedding planning kit. Excel, or other similar programs, work by parcelling out your budget to different areas. It shows that if a bride spends additional money on her gown that she did not expect to spend, she might have less money to spend on the flowers and cake. Also keep a record of tips that need to be paid on the wedding day, and make note of when deposits are due.

    Arrival Times

    • Wedding planning kits should include a list of all of the vendors who are expected to show up on the wedding day. Brides typically communicate with a DJ or band, florist, hair stylist, cake decorator, reverend, and photographer. Write each person's expected arrival time next to their name, website, and phone number. Having their contact information close to their name helps you change the arrival times if need be.


    • Brides can turn their wedding planning kits into places to store photos of what they like. Keeping photographs torn out from magazines helps communicate your ideas to other people. Looking through bridal magazines gives many brides ideas about hair styles, cakes, dresses, and shoes. Take the photos to their hair stylist, baker, and bridal shop to give the vendors clear ideas of what you want to accomplish.


    • Wedding planning kits should have a section dedicated to gifts. Guests typically give nice presents to the newlyweds, and they expect thank you cards within a month after the wedding. The gift section should have a clear correlation between each guest or person invited and the present they sent. People may be offended if they do not receive detailed thank you cards that mention the present. Keeping a list helps you and your husband tell guests what they used the gift for and why they enjoyed it.


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