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Unique wedding reception ideas

Unique wedding reception ideas

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"After all, this wedding has given me the opportunity to meet many of Paul's ... And I hope, when they look back years from now on this, their wedding day, they ..."

The Bridal Association of America reports that the typical couple spent over $14,000 on wedding receptions in 2009, for an average of 169 guests. Couples want to have a unique reception, but they may be confined by the type of wedding reception planned. A traditional and formal wedding may shift gears to an informal reception simply by changing the venue. The majority of the time spent at a wedding is typically taken up by the reception, a unique and interesting event that will be appreciated by everyone.

  1. Focus on Interests

    • The interests of the bride and groom might provide the theme for a reception. Asking guests to wear clothing suited for the reception location in the era it was constructed or first used brings a fictional quality to a real event. Couples who enjoy film noir might use the 1940s as the theme for their reception. Guests can be asked to join in the fun by wearing vintage clothing, including felt fedoras and netted hats for the ladies. Railroad fans might host a reception in a train station. The Los Angeles Union Station, constructed in 1939, leases the vintage lunch counter adjacent to station for receptions. Many towns have small stations or freight houses that are large enough to provide a buffet dinner or lunch.

    Focus on Hobbies

    • Couples who enjoy Civil War reenactment might rent a wooden fort for their reception. Fort Wayne, Indiana and Fort Defiance, Ohio both have outdoor reception spaces on the grassy areas near the log structure compound. The couple might arrive on horseback or with an honor guard dressed in Civil War uniforms. Ask guests to wear vintage dress and assist them in selecting the clothing by creating a website with links to images of the type of period dress that might be worn.

    Historic Locations

    • Historic locations are an excellent way to carry the themes of a formal wedding to the reception. The structure of the building and the detailed woodwork and plaster decorations cannot be duplicated in modern reception locations. Most historic buildings that are open to the public also rent rooms, or even the entire structure, for wedding receptions. Historic courthouses, vintage hotel ballrooms, large residential estates with vast libraries, drawing rooms or dining rooms have a built-in regal bearing. Many such venues also have dining service. Some historic locations hosting wedding receptions include Bower Museum and the Old Courthouse in Santa Ana, California, Stan Hywet Gardens in Akron, Ohio, and the Hotel Coronado in San Diego, California. Ask guests to wear vintage dress for an interesting event. A listing of U.S. historic locations is available from the link below. Not all locations are available for receptions, but many have rental policies allowing for such events.

    Journey to the Reception

    • Unique receptions involve the transportation from the wedding site to the reception. Traditionally, the bride and groom went by the highest-profile transportation, and a horse-drawn carriage or vintage automobile is sometimes selected today for the ride from the church to the reception hall. Rarely is the journey for the guests incorporated as part of the wedding reception. Renting vintage cars or a restored city bus to transport all of the guests to the reception would add interest to a reception. A couple planning a casual wedding in the autumn may want to consider a hay wagon to deliver guests.

    Reception Tour

    • Holding a reception on a harbor tour is not a new or unique idea, but the concept of touring the reception guests throughout the event makes for an interesting time. Reserve a train car for a short round-trip commute after the ceremony, or take the wedding vows on the train and deliver the guests to a specific location for an overnight reception. Amtrak has many routes that arrive in cities suitable for such an event. The cities of Washington D.C. and New Orleans are located on regular Amtrak train routes. Check the locator listed under "Resources" below for a route that matches the reception plans.


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