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How to make wedding centerpieces using bud vases with a peacock theme

make wedding centerpieces using bud vases with a peacock theme

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Peacock feathers, resplendent in deep jewel tones and with a light sheen, are perfectly suited for centerpieces. Creating peacock-themed centerpieces for a wedding reception gives you many options when it comes to the vases and floral arrangements you'll use. You can achieve a cohesive presentation by using elements that have the same colors found in peacock feathers. These rich-looking centerpieces, which create an exotic, luxurious feel, will only enrich your wedding.

Things You'll Need

  • 3 (or more) Bud vases per centerpiece
  • Water
  • Flowers (violets, roses, orchids, hydrangea, small calla lilies)
  • Large scissors or kitchen shears
  • 1 (or more) Peacock feathers per bud vase


    • 1

      Use vases that are complementary in either color or style to keep the presentation unified. For example, use five clear bud vases of varying heights. Or, select dark-green, blue and purple candle votives that all have the same intricate, gold detailing common in Moroccan and Indian decor. Use at least three vases per centerpiece.

    • 2

      Purchase small green, blue and purple flowers. For example, violets, green or lavender roses, green or purple orchids, portions of blue, green or lavender hydrangea blooms, and small, dark calla lilies are all suitable choices. Limit your selection to no more than five flowers so that you can fit one of each into every arrangement.

    • 3

      Fill each vessel halfway with water.

    • 4

      Trim the stems on each flower to a height appropriate for the bud vase in which you'll place it. Each flower should rest above the rim of the vase, while its stem should extend down into the water. Four to 8 inches is appropriate in most cases. Large scissors or kitchen shears are suitable for trimming stems.

    • 5

      Remove any leaves remaining on the trimmed stems.

    • 6

      Place at least one of every type of flower in each bud vase. For example, tuck a small green rose, a piece of blue hydrangea, two violets and a green cymbidium orchid in the bud vase.

    • 7

      Trim peacock feathers so that they're one-half inch to 1 inch taller than the flowers.

    • 8

      Tuck at lease one feather, but as many as three, into each bud vase.

    • 9

      Arrange the bud vases on the table in a cluster or row.


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