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Table ideas with a grape color scheme for a wedding reception

Table ideas with a grape color scheme for a wedding reception

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Purple provides a range of options for a wedding reception, from bold and energetic to soft and romantic, depending on the shades you use. As you plan decor elements, consider the atmosphere you want to create and incorporate accents and elements that will work with the reception space.

  1. Shades of Grape

    • When used in large quantities, purple can be overwhelming and flat, whether you use deep or light shades. To make a grape color scheme more sophisticated, use varying shades of purple. The different shades will add depth and visual interest. You might employ this technique in the flowers, table linens and settings, or the colors of frosting on the cake and dessert options.

    Accent Colors

    • To complement the purple colors in your wedding reception decor, choose an accent color that will break up the purple and add visual interest. For a wintry wedding, pair shades of purple with silver- in the spring or summer, use a fresh green, yellow or teal as an accent. You can also use white to temper your purple decor elements and make them less dramatic.


    • If you are looking for an unexpected way to incorporate purple into your wedding reception, use grapes. Fill paper cones with purple grapes as party favors or use the fruit to surround candles in centerpieces. You can also pile grapes in decorative bowls on the buffet table or dining tables, allowing them to spill over the side for an artistic look- this is particularly effective for a wedding with an Italian feeling.


    • For a wedding reception with a purple decor scheme, lighting can help create the atmosphere you want. If you are using dark purple shades, brighter lighting can avoid a cave-like feeling. For a lighter purple scheme, go for soft lights that will create a subtle glow: candles on tables, strings of white Christmas lights or hanging lanterns.

    White Base

    • Grape colors can create a heavy feeling, particularly in a small reception space. To use purple while keeping a light atmosphere, start with a white base and use purple as an accent. Go with white table cloths, cake frosting and lighting. Then, work in purple in small amounts: in the flowers, napkins, frosting accents and chair back decorations.


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