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How to find a wedding venue in new york city

find a wedding venue in new york city

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"Sorry if the speeches drag on. Wedding receptions can be a bit like an X Factor results show. You just want to skip through the talky bits to find out ..."

Wedding planning can be a stressful undertaking for anyone. If you lack the funds to hire a professional wedding planner, or prefer the thrill of doing the planning yourself, the following is an easy to follow guide on find a wedding venue in New York City.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access
  • Telephone
  • Time to personally check each venue you are interested in
  • Wedding magazines


    • 1

      Have you selected your wedding date? Wedding venues in NYC can book up to two years in advance. Choosing your wedding date should be your first step before contacting wedding venues.

    • 2

      Have you determined your budget? NYC can be an expensive town in which to throw a wedding, but there are venues that can accommodate a wide variety of budgets. It is best to have an idea of your wedding budget, per guest, before contacting wedding venues.

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      Internet wedding forums, such as The Knot, offer a place for future brides and grooms to trade research and findings with one another. The Craigslist weddings forum is another place to ask fellow wedding planners what venues they have researched, and what prices different venues may offer.

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      Large book stores in NYC, such as Barnes and Noble, feature a wide selection of wedding magazines that specialize in the New York region. Buy a few issues of the ones that appeal to you, or better yet, peruse them for free in the store, taking notes as you go. Venues which advertise in these magazines are typically traditional wedding venues and catering halls. Phone them to get a quote on pricing and availability.

    • 5

      Many NYC restaurants have banquet or function rooms that can accommodate wedding receptions, but may not be listed as a traditional wedding venue. Call around to area restaurants, and ask if they can accommodate a wedding reception.

    • 6

      Consider non-traditional wedding venues. Did you know that you can throw a wedding reception in the Museum of Natural History? How about the Coney Island Aquarium? Some budget-minded couples opt to have their celebration at Chinese buffet restaurants. The city is also filled with art galleries and stores that rent their space out for private functions.

    • 7

      Don't limit your search to Manhattan! There are many beautiful venues in the boroughs of Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens and the Bronx. This tip could be especially helpful if Manhattan venues are too pricey for your budget.

    • 8

      Don't forget about City parks. In addition to Central Park, NYC features hundreds of public parks and botanical gardens, many of which are perfect for small, intimate ceremonies or full-blown affairs.

Tips &- Warnings

  • Manage your time wisely when viewing venues in person. If a venue is unwilling to quote you a price over the phone, skip seeing it until you have been able to verify that the venue is within your price range.

  • Make sure you contact each park or garden to inquire about obtaining the proper license from the City before you plan your wedding.


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