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How to address wedding envelopes for a doctor

address wedding envelopes for a doctor

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Part of the invitation packaging process includes addressing the envelopes. Wedding invitations include two envelopes: the inner envelope contains the invitation and all correspondence, and the outer envelope contains the inner envelope. Use proper etiquette when addressing both envelopes. If your guest list includes family or friends with honorable positions, learn address them correctly.

Things You'll Need

  • Wedding invitation envelopes
  • Black or blue ink pen


    • 1

      Address the inner envelope with the guest's name using your ink pen. If the invitation goes to an unmarried doctor you would address it to "Doctor Doe." When addressing to a couple and one holds a medical degree, write "Doctor and Mr. or Mrs. Doe." Do not use the guests' first names, and list the person who holds the highest honor first. If both husband and wife are doctors, then you will address the invitation to "The Doctors Doe." In the case that the husband and wife have different last names, address the inner envelope to "Doctor Doe and Doctor Smith," with the wife's name preceding her husband's name.

    • 2

      Include the names of any children the doctor might have on a separate line, if children are invited to the wedding. This should be the only time you use a guest's first name. You should always address the children with their first names, even if only one of the parents is a doctor, such as "Doctor and Mrs. Smith."

      The Doctors Smith

      Sally Smith

      James Smith

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      Add any female doctor's maiden name in the invitation if she kept and uses it in her practice: Doctor Doe and Mr. Smith.

    • 4

      Pack the invitation in the inner envelope and place inside the outer envelope to seal.

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      Address the outer envelope with the guests' names again with your ink pen. The outer envelope should include the doctor's first and last names with the following considerations: "Doctor John Smith," "Doctor and Mrs. John Smith," "Doctors John and Jane Doe" "Doctor Jane Doe and Doctor John Smith" and "Doctor Jane Doe and Mr. John Smith."

    • 6

      Write the guests' street name on the next line. Spell out all address parts with no abbreviations for street, boulevard or avenue.

    • 7

      Include the city, state, and postal code on the line following.

Tips &- Warnings

  • If the doctor holds a medical degree, spell out the word "doctor" in addressing your invitation. If the guests holds a PhD, you may address the person as Dr. John Doe.


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