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Bridal shower thankyou card wording ideas

Bridal shower thank-you card wording ideas

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A bridal shower is a way for female friends and family of the bride-to-be to get together and "shower" the special lady with love, gifts and good wishes. This party is usually thrown by the maid of honor, and can take place anytime from a week to six months before the wedding day. The bride should send thank-you notes within a month of the party.

  1. For the Planner

    • When writing thank-you cards for bridal gifts, don't forget to include the planner of the event, too. A thank-you message to the planner should be more detailed than those to guests, as the planner organized and headed the whole thing. Some details for the thank-you card could include the bride's impression of the venue and decorations, how much she enjoyed the experience and heartfelt thanks for taking such care in the planning.

    Simple Version for Guests

    • Sometimes a simple, "Dear Aunt Clara, Thanks for coming and for the thoughtful gift of the wine glasses. It was great to see you and have so much fun" is sufficient for a thank-you card. Be sure to mention the specific item the person gave you to avoid sounding like a generic form letter.

    Specific Version for Guests

    • If you'd like your notes to be more customized, add more details and a personal touch. "Dear Aunt Clara, I really appreciate your taking the time to come to my bridal shower- it was great to see you again. I still remember when I used to come to your farm and play with the chickens- that was such fun! Thank you for the thoughtful gift of the terrycloth robe, which will come in handy on cold nights. Take care and I'll see you on the big day! Love, Jane."


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