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Wedding vow renewal information ideas

Wedding vow renewal information & ideas

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During your original wedding vows, you promised your partner to remain faithful, loving and committed. After the wedding day, your marriage has evolved and changed in many ways, some challenging and some joyful. Wedding vow renewals offer a way for you and your partner to officially reaffirm your love and commitment to each other.

  1. Timing

    • Wedding vow renewals are not a legal ceremony, and the timing is entirely up to you and your partner. Many couples prefer to wait until a significant anniversary, such as five, 10 or 25 years. If you were originally married without family and friends present, a wedding vow renewal could occur during the first year of marriage, according to Some couples also decide to renew vows after a difficult period in their marriage.


    • Hold anything from simple, intimate ceremony to a formal gala.

      Being surrounded by friends and family is part of the celebration. But with a wedding vow renewal ceremony, your guests shouldn't face any extra financial or time obligations. If your guests choose to bring gifts, offer appropriate thanks, but don't register for gifts or hold any events such as bridal showers or bachelor parties. The guest list can be as small or large as you wish. Generally, you'll want to invite people who have played an important part in your life as a couple.


    • Some couples wear their original gown and tuxedo for the vow renewal ceremony. For a creative twist, try tailoring and refurbishing your gown into a new style. If you no longer have or wish to wear your original wedding outfits, purchase a new wedding gown and tuxedo or suit. A simple, elegant white dress is appropriate for a more casual look. The dress code is up to you, whether you prefer casual, semiformal or black tie. As a nostalgic gesture, choose a dress code that matches your original wedding.


    • The vows should be sincere and reflect your evolving romance.

      Wedding vow renewals don't have an official template, although you may find examples helpful. The vows should be personalized and heartfelt. Many couples prefer to reaffirm their original vows. If your lives together have changed significantly since the original wedding, your vows should reflect these changes. For instance, mention your children or grandchildren, or talk about adventures you've experienced. Many couples choose to exchange rings after the vows, whether newly purchased or your re-engraved original rings.


    • After the vow renewal ceremony, a reception offers the chance to socialize and share memories. Depending on the size of your guest list, your reception can be any style, from a family dinner to an extravagant party. These receptions generally avoid wedding traditions, such as the bouquet toss or feeding of the wedding cake. Instead, focus on memories of your marriage thus far, such as slideshows, home movies, photo albums and toasts from people who have been significant in your lives.


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