Friday, September 20, 2013

Mennonite wedding gifts

Mennonite wedding gifts

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"Tradition decrees that the best man responds to the toast to the bridesmaids and I am happy to be asked to do so. Like everything else about this wedding they were perfection itself."

Mennonite weddings typically include most customs of traditional American weddings, but on a simplified scale. A small rehearsal dinner, a basic ceremony with flowers, a reception with gifts at the church meeting hall are all trademarks of a Mennonite wedding.

  1. History

    • Historically, Mennonite wedding gifts were practical in value and wrapped in plain, brown wedding paper, a symbol of the simple lifestyle of the Mennonite faith. The gifts were to be used as the young couple set up house.


    • Contemporary Mennonite wedding gifts often come from the couple's gift registry at local department stores and do not differ much from gifts any other couple would receive.

    A Unique Option

    • Mennonite wedding customs typically involve small wedding favors, valued at $1 to $2, from the couple to each guest. Stephanie Hirschler Honderich and Michael Honderich decided to contribute the money that would have gone toward trinkets to worthy causes of art and education. Another relative matched the fund, which added additional punch to the Honderich's gift.


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