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How to get a discount coupon from hsn

get a discount coupon from hsn

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In 1978 Home Shopping Network (HSN) launched into the television retail industry. The big selling point was that you could watch a product demonstration, and place an order from the comfort of your own home. HSN currently ships 50 million products a year, from celebrities like Tori Spelling, Wolfgang Puck and Paula Abdul, to major brands like Gateway, LeSportsac, Bissell and Lancome. Although HSN prices are often lower than traditional stores, you can still save more money by getting a discount coupon from HSN before you order.


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      Look for HSN-sponsored sweepstakes. HSN periodically announces sweepstakes on its "What's New at HSN?" forum (see Resources). Depending on the sweep, prizes range from makeovers, cash, HSN gift cards and discount coupons from HSN. Not every sweepstakes features a discount coupon from HSN, though in the past several have given entrants free shipping coupons and coupons worth 10 to 20 percent off a single item.

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      Search for discount coupons from the HSN Exclusive Offers page (see Resources). This page features HSN coupon codes for both new and returning customers. They range from general 15 percent off a single item purchase, to discounts on specific items like jewelry, clothing, beauty products and home goods.

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      Wait for HSN to send you discount coupons. If you've previously purchased at HSN, but haven't placed an order in a few months, the network will sometimes email "We Miss You" discount coupons.

Tips &- Warnings

  • There are many coupon sites that offer discount coupons from HSN. Be aware that some of those coupon codes were only intended for private individuals and can only be used once. After they've been used, they may no longer be valid. If that's the case you will not receive a discount.


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