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Western style wedding cake ideas

Western style wedding cake ideas

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When a couple chooses a Western theme for their wedding, the cake should be Western as well. There are many options available, from elegant to simple to silly. The cake should reflect the mood of the wedding as well as the personalities of the bride and groom. Have fun with your wedding and design a cake that matches your theme and makes you happy. Everyone else will surely love it, too.

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  1. Formal

    • For formal weddings with a Western-style theme, the cake can be done in traditional tiers of round or square cakes. Frosting can be plain white and decorated with silk or sugar paste daisies or sunflowers. Toppings can include crystal or porcelain hearts, couples or cowboy hats. Another formal idea is a round, stacked cake with dark brown frosting, almost like a good leathery color, smoothed on and decorated with a lighter brown circular pattern going around the cake layers. Little brown cowboy boot decorations can be used as pillars and two pairs of fancy cowboy boots can be the wedding topper. Decorate the table with a nice figurine of cowboy boots and a small piece of coiled rope.


    • For a semi-formal wedding, the options are endless. Traditional tiered or stacked cakes can be used, or shaped cakes. For instance, square cakes can be decorated like horse corrals with a horse cake topper or a bride and groom in western wear. Round cakes can be decorated with "belts" going around them, ending in a big western belt buckle with the couple's initials. Cakes can be shaped like cowboy boots with little sugar paste spurs, or like cowboy hats, horseshoes or bride and groom plaid shirts with pearl buttons and bolo ties.


    • Casual or funny cakes work for Western style weddings as well. Making black and white cakes with a cow bride and groom topper is original and fun. Horse bride and groom toppers can be "tied" to a hitching post, and if you'd like to take it a step further, include the words "Gettin' Hitched."


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