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What is a civil marriage ceremony

What is a civil marriage ceremony?

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Civil marriage ceremonies are non-religious wedding ceremonies typically performed at government buildings such as City Hall. Many couples who are not religiously observant or who come from differing religious backgrounds choose to have civil marriages to maintain neutrality with regard to religious customs.

  1. Basics

    • Civil marriage ceremonies may be held at the county courthouse, City Hall, or conducted by a justice of the peace or other authorized official at a location of your choosing. Contact your local county courthouse to confirm what the procedure is for scheduling a civil marriage. Some locations may not accept reservations, others may require them.


    • After an engaged couple obtains a marriage license, they have 90 days to perform the civil ceremony. Civil ceremonies are performed at county court houses, typically for a small fee of $25 (as of 2010). Bride and groom must bring proper identification and fulfill any other requirements issued by their state before the marriage is completed. At least one witness is needed. The ceremony must be carried out or witnessed by someone licensed to perform marriage ceremonies. Such persons include county clerks, judges and township council members.


    • Civil marriages have tremendous flexibility when it comes to attire, organization and location. The online wedding magazine, "The Knot," states that some couples still wear wedding dresses and tuxedos during their civil marriage ceremony. Others may wear jeans and T-shirts or establish holiday-based themes. Civil marriages usually contain opening words, consent and exchanging of the rings, but the couple may choose how many other traditions they wish to include.

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