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How to change color lights for a party

change color lights for a party

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Color lights have a colored shield or lens that covers the heating element of the bulb. Most residential lights are typically either foggy white or clear. Color lights, however, can be green, red, blue, yellow or another color, or even a combination of colors. There are color lights available for most kinds of lights, such as incandescent, fluorescent and halogen. Despite these differences, changing a color light for a party is a straightforward and simple process.

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  1. Instructions

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      Unscrew the light bulb you wish to replace with a color light. Check the side of the light bulb for its wattage. If the bulb is incandescent, it will typically come with a wattage that is a multiple of 5, such as 15, 25 or 60. If the bulb is fluorescent, the wattage could be 9, 13, 18 or another number. Note this wattage and check the maximum wattage allowable on the socket itself.

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      Take the light bulb you removed to a lighting store where you wish to buy a color light. Find a color light you like and check that the wattage of the color bulb does not exceed the maximum wattage of the socket.

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      Check that the base of the color bulb matches the bulb you removed from the socket. Some bulbs are wider or thinner than others and do not make proper contact with the conductive material on a socket if the two are not the same size.

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      Check that the color bulb is the same type of bulb--incandescent, LED, fluorescent or halogen--as the bulb you removed. This ensures the color bulb works on the socket.

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      Bring the color bulb you like back to the socket and insert it. For an incandescent, halogen or fluorescent bulb, screw the base of the bulb into the socket. For an LED bulb insert the prongs of the bulb into the socket. For a fluorescent tube bulb, insert the two ends of the tube into the two sockets and listen for the "click" sound that signals the tube is properly installed.

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