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How to become a wedding officiate in california

become a wedding officiate in california

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You may want someone close to you officiate at your wedding ceremony. This may be a special religious leader, a political leader, member of the court system, or even a family member who applies for a permit to perform your wedding ceremony. California law allows for you to become a wedding officiant in a number of ways, most of which require a background in religious or legal duties.


  1. Officiate as Part of Your Job Duties

    • 1

      Become a priest, rabbi, minister or authorized person of any religious denomination recognized in the state of California. The requirements for becoming a member of the clergy for your church will vary, so check with your church if you wish to go this route.

    • 2

      Perform the ceremony as a judge or magistrate. If you are a judge or magistrate, a retired judge or a judge who has resigned from office, you are eligible to officiate at weddings in California.

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      Officiate weddings as a publicly elected official. If you are a legislator, constitutional officer, member of Congress or elected mayor of a city, you may officiate at weddings while you hold that office.

    Apply to Become a Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriages

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      Go to your county clerk's office to get an application to become a Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriages. This will allow anyone who is otherwise not eligible, to officiate one marriage on the date specified on the Appointment and Oath of Office form.

    • 5

      Fill out the Appointment and Oath of Office form. Return the form to the county clerk.

    • 6

      Request the marriage license from the couple getting married. Check the license for validity, including the expiration date.

    • 7

      Officiate the marriage. There is no specific speech that must be given at the ceremony, but the parties wishing to be wed must state that they take each other as husband and wife.

    • 8

      Print in black ink the date and place of the marriage on the license. Sign the license and write your title of Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriages and your address. Have at least one witness enter their signature and address on the license in black ink. Return the license to the county recorder within four days of the marriage.

Tips &- Warnings

  • You may not charge a fee to perform a marriage under the Deputy Commissioner of Civil Marriages rules.


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