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Flowers for a brides wedding bouquet

Flowers for a bride's wedding bouquet

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A traditional bridal accessory, a wedding bouquet is an arrangement of flowers the bride will hold during the ceremony. At the reception she will toss the bouquet to a crowd of single women- tradition holds that the one who catches the bouquet will be the next to marry. When choosing flowers for a wedding bouquet, brides should take into account the style of the wedding and their dress as well as the style, color and symbolism of the flowers.

  1. Roses

    • Roses are a classic flower for wedding bouquets with a long history of symbolizing love and romance. They are elegant flowers naturally available in a wide selection of colors and some varieties are appreciated for their rich perfumes. Roses are versatile- they can be easily combined with other flowers for a more complex bridal bouquet as well as standing on their own for an elegant look.

    Calla Lilies

    • Calla lilies are said to represent magnificent beauty. They are relatively large flowers and have a minimal, modern look. As a bridal bouquet, a few of them are typically gathered together and tied with an attractive ribbon without the addition of other flowers. While calla lilies enjoy a modest popularity among modern brides, calla lilies were the most popular flowers for bridal bouquets in the 1920s.


    • Tulips are a good choice for spring weddings. The tulip flower is associated with the renewal of spring and new beginnings. Like roses, the meaning of tulips are thought to change with each different color, but used as a wedding flower, the tulip always represents love.


    • Peonies are large fragrant flowers with delicate-looking blooms thought to represent a happy marriage, making them appropriate for a bridal bouquet. While peonies are native to several regions in the world, they are especially prized in China where it was once the national flower.


    • Lilies are large flowers that represent honor, virtue, faith and fertility- in addition, they are commonly associated with Jesus's birth and resurrection. For devout Christian brides, lilies make a particularly good flower with which to create a bridal bouquet. Additionally, lilies often feature two colors, which brides may easily be able to match to the wedding's color scheme.


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