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How do you get the wedding key in maplestory

How do you get the wedding key in "maplestory"?

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"After all, this wedding has given me the opportunity to meet many of Paul's ... And I hope, when they look back years from now on this, their wedding day, they ..."

In the multiplayer, browser-based online game "MapleStory," there are many quests to undertake. One of them is to enter the hall in which Princess Violetta is about to get married. To gain entry to the hall, you must find the wedding hall key, which is kept by King Pepe and his collection of Yetis. There are three Yetis of a particular color -- white, dark and gold -- that you must kill in order to obtain the key- make sure you have enough potions to tackle them, since each fight can last up to ten minutes.

Things You'll Need

  • A party of 2-6 people


    • 1

      Go to Mushroom Castle on Victoria Island. Access Mushroom Castle by going to the town of Henesys and entering the portal at Hidden Street: An Empty House.

    • 2

      Head to the East Castle Tower and head through Channel 1.

    • 3

      Travel up to the top of the tall tower- press the up arrow key on your keyboard to head into the portal.

    • 4

      Fight and defeat King Pepe and the Yeti he is on- while the Yetis feature a large number of hit points, they have relatively weak attacks, so simply keep your party attacking until the Yeti is defeated. Pick up all the drops (the items that fallen enemy "drop" once you kill them) as quickly as possible.

    • 5

      Exit the area by entering the portal to the left.

    • 6

      Re-enter the portal mentioned in Step 3 and repeat the process until you have killed the remaining two Yetis. You will be rewarded with the Wedding Hall Key.


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