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How to buy manolo blahnik bridal shoes

buy manolo blahnik bridal shoes

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"I remember the last wedding I went to. It was in the function room of the Tate Gallery. The groom got plastered and ended up with red wine, gravy ..."

Getting married in style requires the right dress, but more importantly the right pair of shoes. Buying a pair of Manolo Blahnik Bridal Shoes for your big day takes a bit of effort and a lot of cash, but as you are strutting down the aisle looking hotter than the ladies from "Sex and the City," your feet and your groom will thank you.

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      Peruse the Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman websites to get a feel for the different styles of Manolos that are available. Click on "Shoes and Handbags," then click on Designers. Finally, click on "Manolo Blahnik" and feast your eyes on the super stylish collection.

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      Click the Evening link to find an assortment of silver strappy sandals that go beautifully with a more modern, chic gown. Click the Classics link to find white, beige, pink and silver mid to high heel halters for a more conservative look. Based on the style and color of your wedding dress, make a list of the different shoe styles and colors that appeal to you the most.

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      Check the prices of your desired styles and decide on a budget for your bridal shoes. If budget is no issue, shop away.

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      Try on those Manolos. If you live in New York City or Las Vegas, or if you deem it worthy enough to travel to either city to find the perfect pair of wedding shoes, go to the actual Manolo Blahnik store located there to purchase your bridal shoes. If you can't get to one of those cities, find the closest Neiman Marcus department store to try them on.

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      Bring your wedding dress and a friend with you to the store. Get your friend's opinion as you model your wedding attire for her so that you can be sure that the super expensive pair of shoes you are buying is the perfect final touch to your fashionable wedding look.

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      Walk in the Manolos for at least five minutes to be certain that you can strut your stuff down the aisle without twisting an ankle or experiencing pain.

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      Purchase the Manolo Blahniks of your dreams, and feel no guilt. This is your wedding day after all.

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