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Dc restaurants with a view

D.c. restaurants with a view

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Besides being the seat of the United States government, Washington, D.C., also attracts many visitors to see the elegant architecture and the various scenery the area has to offer. Whether you're in town to take in the sights or you just have business to take care of for the day, you can choose from a variety of restaurants in D.C. that offer top views of the city's monuments and the Potomac River.

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  1. P.O.V.

    • P.O.V. ( is a restaurant based in the W Hotel on 15th Street, just a few blocks from the White House and the Washington Monument on the National Mall. The restaurant is "known for its spectacular views of the White House and the city's historic monuments," according to P.O.V.'s website. The restaurant's rooftop is an indoor lounge with an outdoor terrace. The restaurant has a varied menu with options ranging from seafood to pizza to lamb chops.


    • The America restaurant ( is based at Union Station and offers "sweeping views of Capitol Hill," according to its website. The restaurant focuses on American cuisine, including a selection of burgers and appetizers such as macaroni and cheese, roadhouse chili and buffalo wings. Its entree offerings feature braised smoked pork, New England shepherd's pie and pan-fried Virginia ham steak.

    The Lafayette

    • The Lafayette ( is located on the north side of Lafayette Square in the Hay-Adams Hotel, just across from the White House. As such, diners get good views of the White House in a well-lit dining room featuring live classical and jazz piano music. The restaurant serves breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner. It is closed for dinner on Saturdays and Sundays. Its entrees include lamb loin, tile fish and beef fillet.

    The Sou'Wester

    • You can find the Sou'Wester restaurant ( in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Southwest. The restaurant offers views of the Potomac River waterfront as well as national monuments. The restaurant includes American dishes such as grilled chicken with coleslaw and grilled shrimp along with sides like hush puppies with honey butter and smashed and fried potatoes.


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